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About us

Shenzhen Sunergy Tech is a high-tech enterprise, professional in R&D, manufacture and sales of photovoltaic application products as well as undertaking various photovoltaic projects. The main products include various kinds of photovoltaic application products such as solar chargers, solar controllers, solar flashlight, solar portable power boxes, solar street lights, solar traffic lights, solar power generation systems, solar illumination and solar landscape lights and so on. We can also rely on the company's strong technical force to specially design and produce all kinds of solar photovoltaic products in accordance with customers’ demand as well as provide technical advisory and training services concerning solar photovoltaic projects.
As a company pursuing excellence in quality and innovation in design, Sunergy dedicates to the pursuit of developing, manufacturing and selling the most reliable and most innovative design products and to providing customers with professional high quality services. It is our unshakable goal and inexhaustible impetus to help customers and partners achieve success and thus make "Sunergy" be the first brand name in this industry

We will always adhere to the management concept of market-oriented, independent innovation spirit. With the purpose of assisting our partners to achieve success, we will bravely forge ahead. Together with colleagues in this industry, we will do our best to make development, and to greet the beautiful future.
Sunergy---a good partner in photovoltaic industry.



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